Medical Solutions

For nearly 23  years Cesa Alliance has developed numerous medical solutions. Because of the way we analyse the targets and indications we are able to develop OMNI spectrum molecules that deactivate or kill a extremely wide spectrum of microbes. For example, OMNIVIROL is known to de-activate both DNA, RNA, enveloped and non-enveloped known to de-activate both DNA, RNA, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Up to now, no Laboratory or Institution has claimed a single virus that is immune to the activity of OMNIVIROL. The same for OMNIBACTERIOL 1 which has been labelled the first Anti-bacterial (Antibiotic) that kills any type of bacteria, including the multi resistant ones common in hospitals and communities.

Medical Solutions

Alzheimer’s Disease

Tau and Beta – amyloid are 2 proteins known as cerebral plaque slowing down neuro transmitters. This causes lapses of memory which become more and more frequent until the patient is incapable of taking care of himself.

RELUMINOL is designed to clear this plaque freeing up the neuro transmitters and regaining the patients access to his memory.

Anti Parasite

Parasites such as Malaria and Chagas are ticking bombs to patients who have been infected. Malaria’s treatment are becoming less and less effective.  Human African trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness treatment is based on Arsenic killing 1 out of 10 patients. Chagas, acquired as a child leaves the patient symptomless until the immunity goes down around his 50’s damaging the heart muscle and killing the patient slowly. Chagas has no cure.

OMNIPARACITOL is a OMNI spectrum anti parasite designed to treat all of these parasitic diseases. Several projects are being set up to test efficacy and safety in humans.

Anti Bacterial

We live in a world of were Antibiotics is the only tool Doctors have to treat a bacterial infection.  Some of them work others do not, some patients have serious side effects others just have their flora damaged slightly. Some of them do not work against serious infections such as MRSA and VRSA.

OMNIBACTERIOL has been shown to kill all pathogenic bacteria, leavening the patients’ flora undisturbed. More studies more resistant bacteria such as TB are being open sources to Universities’ and Institutions worldwide.

Anti Viral

There are thousands of viral infections. Most of them will be handled by the immunity system. Some are more persistent or have mild to serious symptoms. Several will return year after year (HSV or Cold sores) other can persist so long they cause cancer (HPV or Papilloma) and others indirectly kill older patients (Influenza or even common cold, turning into Pneumonia) There are no effective anti-virals that can de-activate these viruses.

Cesa has designed OMNIVIROL which deactivates nearly all viruses outside the cells preventing the virus entering the host cells. Because of this feature, viral replication of l viruses can be blocked without the patient experiencing any form of noticeable side effects. Added advantage is that the components used to manufacture are already all FDA Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). This will increase the chances of OMNIVIROL being approved in a relative short period of time.

During the 20/21 Covid-19 Pademic OMNIVIROL has been tested as a fast acting solution against all types of Corona viruses. Numerious case studies have proven dat a 4 tablet course will de-activate Covid-19 no matter what strain. OMNIVIROL is the ideal economic solution for the prevention and treatment of this pandemic should the present measures, such as vaccination not deem to be sufficient in the future.