About Us

For over 22 years our Cesa’s world-wide collaboration of Universities, Laboratories, independent doctors and researchers has successfully developed a wide range of Omni spectrum anti-microbials and anti-inflammatories. Cesa’s success is largely due to a novel approach in drug development. Rather than looking for candidates using time consuming in-vitro test and mouse models, Cesa identifies the targets frequency and through complex algorithms determines a frequency that either over amplifies it, inverts it or disturbs it. With this blue print new molecules are not discovered but created and synthesized from scratch. The major advantage of specifically designed drugs over traditional discovered and adapted ones are the increased efficacy and minimal or no side effects. At the same time Cesa relies heavily on the official protocols prescribed by FDA and EMA and collaborates closely with Universities and Institutions to confirm the safety and efficacy of our claims.

Our Mission

  1. Create safe and effective drugs
  2. Make them practical and affordable
  3. Work with World Health organizations in bringing them to the patients
  4. Increase the Alliance on all levels
  5. Combine health solutions with healthy profits
278National Patents
127Cures for Most Common Infections
240Million Present Value
3Billion Capitalization 2018


Reiner van Tilborg, MBA
Has been active in creating the Alliance long before its constitution. Reiner is flying around the world looking for Scientist with vision and new insights on how to develop new medical solutions. At the same time he is doing what every CEO should do; building Alliances with compatible institutions and creating value.
Willem Van Cauter, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Willem is an icon in the Financial and Fiscal world for over 37 years. He has no peers when it comes to building the right structures, assuring healthy funding and keeping finances in check at all times. With him the financial health of the company and its stakeholders is in expert hands.
Stéphane Speich, Dennemeyer
International Patent Attorney
In our business an idea or invention is as valuable as the patent that protects it. Protecting a medical solution both In vitro and In vivo is a very complex process. For over 8 years Stéphane is guiding this delicate process and secured over 278 national patents with hundreds more in the pipe-line.