Anti Viral

AV2 OMNI Spectrum Anti Viral

There are thousands of viral infections. Most of them will be handled by the immunity system. Some are more persistent or have mild to serious symptoms. Several will return year after year (HSV or Cold sores) other can persist so long they cause cancer (HPV or Papilloma) and others indirectly kill older patients (Influenza or even common cold, turning into Pneumonia) There are no effective anti-virals that can de-activate these viruses.

Cesa has designed two Omni-spectrum anti-viral drugs that deactivate viruses outside the cells preventing the virus entering the host cells. Because of this feature, viral replication of nearly all viruses can be blocked without the patient experiencing any form of noticeable side effects. Added advantage is that the components used to manufacture are already all FDA Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). This will increase the chances of AV2 being approved in a relative short period of time.

Several Placebo controlled Phase I/II and II/III Clinical trials on HSV – Cold sores and HPV – Human papilloma virus which causes cervical cancer have confirmed the safety and efficacy of AV2. Other Observational trials confirm that not a single virus is resistant to AV2 deactivating properties.

Clinical Trials

Several Clinical Trials have been performed, the largest being a Phase II/III Double blinded placebo controlled Clinical trial on the efficacy of AV2 on Cold sores vs. Active Comparator Acyclovir.

The efficacy of AV2 was over 5 to 1 versus Golden standard and Nobel prize winning Acyclovir. Not only does AV2 prevent infection, it accelerates healing and in nearly 80% of the cases eliminates the virus from the body making it the first cure against Cold sores. Acyclovir does not eliminate the virus.

Information on other ongoing clinical trials will provided upon request.