For over 22 years our Cesa’s world-wide collaboration of Universities, Laboratories, independent doctors and researchers has successfully developed a wide range of Omni spectrum anti-microbials and anti-inflammatories.


Historically Molecules that treat medical conditions are not designed, they are discovered. Mostly they are isolated from existing natural substances so they can be patented. In some cases, e.g. aspirin they are slightly modified to minimize side effects. Cesa Alliance molecules are not discovered; they are actually designed from scratch based on a blue print generated by extensive analyses of the frequency signature of the target.
Years of research and close collaboration of researchers all over the planet were the basis of the design and development of 3 major OMNI spectrum anti-microbials. OMNIBACTERIOL an OMNI spectrum antibacterial, OMNIVIROL an OMNI spectrum antiviral proven to be effective against COVID19 and OMNIPARACITOL an OMNI spectrum anti parasite. Additionally, the RELUMINOL molecule was designed and developed to treat and cure neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson.


Molecules are the bases of medical solutions. We have made sure that all of our drugs have no or very little side effects. Secondly, they are very effective. Up to now there has not been a single microbe that has been resistant to the appropriate OMNI spectrum molecule. We have been able to administer the drugs orally, topically and even via aerosol. For example, OMNIBACTERIOL

which kills the hospital and community acquired MRSA bacteria has been tolerated by all subjects so far, even those that have a serious aversion to antibiotics it can be used to treat people who are in life threatening condition but also to disinfect the operating room of hospital. The Sleeping disease parasite which is presently treated with “Arsenic” which kills 10% of the treated patients can now be treated with OMNIPARACITOL without having any side effects.

Numbers Don't LieWhat does OMNI spectrum mean?

Rather than commonly known Broad Spectrum drugs, Advance detection techniques has enabled us to target one common nominator of each of the 3 causes of infectious diseases. So although there may be only a few hundred common diseases we should focus on, Cesa’s 3 Molecules can save us from an extremely wide range of microbial diseases. These molecules are really OMNI spectrum drugs.

32000Virus Types
150000Parasite Species
9300Bacteria Species
3OMNI Spectrum Molecules


Rather than looking for solutions in traditional closed and highly structured and controlled private organizations, Cesa’s collaborators roam around the world looking for ideas and answers, highly advanced techniques sometimes based on ancient old wisdom. We are an Alliance in the broadest sense, giving us unlimited access to knowledge and experience.

Who We Are?

Cesa Alliance is an International collaboration of Universities, Laboratories, Independent Doctors and researchers.

What We Do?

Cesa Alliance Discovers, Develops and Synthesizes OMNI spectrum anti- infectives and anti-inflammatories. We organize Safety studies and Observational efficacy studies in order to apply for worldwide patents. Further we organize Placebo Controlled Clinic Trials and prepare the documentation for our medical solutions to be presented to FDA and EMEA for registration.

What We Offer?

We have created 3 OMNI spectrum anti- infectives. OMNIBACTERIOL an OMNI spectrum anti-bacterial, OMNIVIROL an OMNI spectrum Anti-viral and OMNIPARACITOL an OMNI spectrum Anti-parasite. Further we developed a molecule RELUMINOL for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Over 250 worldwide patents have been granted and hundreds more are in the pipe line.